Friday, June 20, 2014

                                        The Scientist

                                              The Lab

A Beautiful Female Figure entered at the right time.  What was this place?  It was a dark place with a crisp still air surrounding her.  While she stood amongst the darkness, she could feel the cold air gripping her body.  She felt as if the air itself was looking...looking for the warmth.  She heard footsteps and turned around to look and saw a man approach.  There was this Light around him.  As he came closer it lit up the environment around her.  The walls were not plaster, but made of rock.  She almost felt like she had just walked right into a cave.  She began to notice there were shining sparkles all over the place.  Colors of green, purple, Red, White, and Blue.  She walked over to a wall, and saw the source of the sparkling.  She found crystals, rubys, and gems attached on the walls.  A sight up close that looked simply gorgeous.  There were sparkles on the walls, but there was one more sparkle much more bright.  A sparkle in his eyes.  He loved her, she knew it.  He wore a white long coat with black clothing underneath.  He was a scientist.  One who experimented with Life inside his chamber, his lab.  His eyes never once left hers, and his smile never gave way.  This man loved her so much, but his mind was also filled with confusion.  There were many strange thoughts to enter his head, but he shoved them aside.  He could not read the thoughts of this woman.  The deepest feelings he searched for he did not see,yet did not care.  His feelings for her only grew by the minute.  

                                              The Journey
He reached out a hand to this beauty.  Ahhh yes she just smiled with him and walked with him.  The light around this man continued to glow and show her more of the Life of the cave.  The two walked through a doorway into a new room.  She looked at the dead corses that lied peacefully on their beds.  She couldn't tell what they were, just things that were dead in the Life of the Lab.  None of them were harmed in any way, but there was this sense and feeling that they were treated with a mix of Love and Regret.  A strange feeling to recieve from a corpse, but it was ignored nonetheless.  They progressed further and she could here water flowing.  They approached and the light showed water.  The River was flowing and they would let it take them to the where their destiny lied.  A boat was tied to the side where they approached.  They entered the boat, and it took them further down until they approached a Golden Gate.  

                                      The Three Powerful Generators
The gate opened as they reached it.  Brightness.  Light.  Glow.  All this was in the final chamber.  The Glory of this room!  It was amazing.  It was Breathtaking.  The Future was in this room.  It was theirs.  In the center of all the light were Three Powerful Generators that reached as far up that they couldn't see them hit a cieling, but just disappeared.  Each were marked with a letter embroydered into its hulls.  One marked with an S, The other marked with a J, and the one in the middle was marked with a G.  and the finaThe Genertors all worked together to produce the happiness, purity, and safety in this wondrous place.  She looked to the End of the room and saw a table.  This was her table.  Before he could fullfill the gift this room contained for the both of them, he needed to look inside.  He needed to know of that deep feeling inside of her he could not read.  He walked her to the table.

                                              The Truth
She lied down willingly and closed her eyes and left conciousness.  He crossed his hands on each other, moved them forward and stopped right above her heart.  Then he concentrated.  What was it in here that hid from him?  
He grew sad.  He grew weak.  He found what he searched for.  An Empty slot.  It was the home of her love for him, and it was empty.  All that came from the slot were the....strange thoughts.  HOW COULD IT BE?!  THE WHOLE TIME HE KNEW OF THIS WRONGNESS!  The scientist knew this the entire time, but refused to accept it.  He didn't want to.  All he wanted was that feeling of how much he loved her, but didn't care to think about the big picture, what SHE felt.  As his mind left her body he fell back, hitting the ground.  Tears filled his dark brown eyes while he looked up, and saw his once loved one turn into the corpse that familiarized what was it they passed in the previous room.  He was never loved.  Once they were all Beautiful Female Figures that just withered away and never loved him.

                                              The Finale
He turned away from the pain and walked towards the middle of the room.  The light from within that was shown in the darkness began to dim.  It dimmed all the way till it finally gave out.  He had given up.  There was no light in him anymore.  He didn't want that light anymore.  He walked to the generators and demanded it close itself to him.  He didn't want what it had to offer anymore.  This place that was offered for another, was finished.   He screamed and demanded, tears in his eyes, a pain in his throbbing heart.  He wanted it to end.  Then lighting shot out from all three generators that hit the scientist dead on.  He had no control, he surrendered his will to the power the lift him into the air.  It never tried to hurt him, but what was it doing?  It began to lower him to the ground.  He landed on his feet and the lighting stopped.  He stood there in shock at first, until a grateful smile came across his face.  All of the sudden, the glow that had left his body, turned on once more, and grew more brighter than it had ever reached in his entire life.  It had helped him.  It gave him reason to live.  To carry on.  It gave him more knowledge that he had ever had before.  It gave him the will to wait for the final figure that he could read would enter this Chamber Of Light and would willingly stay forever.  That was all he ever needed in life, and these not generators, but figures, gave it to him.

How do i know all of this?  I know all this because I am the one who conducts such experiments.  I am The Scientist.

-Froilan Diaz